Water Cartridge Based Fire Extinguishers

Water Cartridge operated Fire Extinguishers are designed to suppress fires in Class A combustibles like wood, cloth, trash and other materials that leave an ash. These kinds of threats are often found in office environments and some industrial locations, as well as warehouse and oxidizing chemical storage areas.

Available in Ltr

9 Ltr

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The Oldest Known enemy of fire is water. For Centuries, It has remained the best weapon in fire brigade’s arsenal.

It has proven effectiveness against Class A fire, due to its unmatched ability to fight not only surface fires but also deep-seated fires. Hence, removing any possibility of re-ignition.
A true fire douser that kills fire right to its core!

Technical Specifications

Capacity : 9Ltr
Anti-Corrosive Inhilbitor : Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
Confirming IS Code : 15683
Type of Extinguisher : Cartridge Based
Type of Extinguishing Media : Dry Powder IS 14609
Expellant : Carbon Dioxide (External Cartridge)
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) : 85
Minimum Jet Length (mtrs) : More than 2 mtrs.
Discharge Time (Sec.) : More than 8 Sec.
Hydraulic Test Pressure( Kgf/Cm2) : 35
Operating Position : Upright
Charge Pressure ( Kgf/Cm2) : 15.5
Operating Temperature Range(C) : 0 to +55
Operating Valve : Squeeze Grip Type With Discharge Hose
Fire Rating : 4A &34B