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Water Portable Fire Extinguishers

The Oldest Known enemy of fire is water. For Centuries, It has remained the best weapon in fire brigades arsenal.
It has proven effectiveness against Class A fire, due to its unmatched ability to fight not only surface fires but also deep-seated fires. Hence, removing any possibility of re-ignition.
A true fire douser that kills fire right to its core!

Available Sizes :- 9 Litres
Other Brand Available :-  Blot Fire and Agni Shield

Model FW-9
Capacity (In kg) 9
Anti-Corrosive Inhabitor Epoxy Poleyster Powder Coating
Conformign IS Code 15683
Type of Extingulshing Media Soft Water
Expellent Pressurized with N2 gas
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 95
Minimum Jet Length (mtrs) More than 2 mtr.
Discharge Time (in sec) More than 13 sec
Hydraulic Text Press 35
Operating Position Upright
Charged Pressure (in kgf/cm2) 15
Operating Temperature Range (0C) +5 to (+)55
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip with Discharge Hose & Nozzle
Type of Fire Extinguisher Constant Pressure
Fire Rating 3A

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